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A bit about me


Hi. I'm Rhoda Cameron, owner of Coached by Rhoda. 

I'm a Health, Lifestyle and Behaviour Change Coach, as well as a Pilates

Teacher, Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Relaxation & Sound

Healing  Practitioner. The one thing I'm passionate about in life is change

and I firmly  believe we all have the power within us to re-shape our

lives, no matter what age! After suffering from a debilitating anxiety

disorder for over 20 years, I turned my own life around in my early

forties, and I now help other women to do the same.

I believe in the inner strength and potential that we all have.

The power to overcome challenges, to achieve our goals, and to

live our best lives. But this power must be developed and nurtured over

time. We create it through our experiences, our choices, and, more

importantly, our commitment to self-growth.

With this in mind, I set up Coached by Rhoda in 2019, to help other

women start their healing journeys too. Our mission is to empower

women to transform their lives through love, connection, and sisterhood

and provide them with the tools and resources they need to reach their

full potential.


​To create space where women can feel supported, inspired, and


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