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"Why Dieting Doesn't Work"


And How You Can Lose up to 28 lbs Of Fat in 12 Weeks with This Cutting-Edge, Scientifically Proven Psychological Method

Dear Friend,


If you want to lose tummy fat as fast as possible...this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.


Here's why...


A team of medical researchers from Cambridge University, recently discovered why many women over 40 can't lose weight and keep it off for good.


They found that diets like Weight Watchers, counting calories in My Fitness Pal and going low carb or keto and might cause some initial weight loss…


…but in the long term, eating ‘normally’ at the weekends, family get-togethers and social occasions meant the weight crept back on.


Now this research is finally reaching the health and fitness community...


And they're realising they need to make a HUGE SHIFT in the way women over 40 lose tummy fat.


It's not about calorie counting.


Instead, the study showed that women who are reaching menopause need to stop dieting altogether. It found that even though they lost a bit of weight initially, they regained all the weight AND more once the diet had ended.

Which might sound almost too good to be true... but as you're about to discover here in this special report today...

Dropping multiple dress sizes without any restriction whatsoever IS  real... 

My clients have already dropped multiple dress sizes without restriction to get back into their favourite slim-fitting jeans and dresses again…

And you're about to see how YOU can get back into your favourite jeans too!

I'll reveal that to you very shortly…


But first, a bit about me…

Now, that might sound crazy, but this ‘anti-diet’ approach has been shown to help women...

✅ Reduce body fat by as much as 28 lbs for GOOD.

✅ Turn back the clock on ageing & get young, radiant skin that others can’t help but wonder what their secret is.

✅ Gain control of an expanding waistline & start winning the battle for a flat stomach.

✅ Have an endless supply of youthful energy to turbocharge productivity at work.

✅ Have heads turn in their direction with their slim, toned figure.


I’m Rhoda Cameron, “Your Health Coach with A Difference” and Creator of
The Cameron Method™️

The first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT one of those ‘coaches’  who’ll tell you that you don’t have to go to the gym…


Or count calories to maintain a slim toned figure…


And then do both of those things in secret myself!


I don’t follow ANY form of diet and I NEVER go to the gym.


Yet I still have a slim size 10 figure!

Not just that, but I eat chocolate, bread and potatoes every day and maintain my weight year round.


But let's rewind a few years…


Before I discovered the amazing protocol I’m going to share with you today, I’d cycle on and off eating a thousand calories a day, to bingeing on crisps and chocolate…


I’d be counting the hours down until Friday, say to myself, “I’ve been SO good, I deserve a treat…”


So I’d binge on crisps, chocolate and any other high-calorie 'forbidden foods' I could get my hands on.


And because it was the weekend, I’d always be meeting up with friends for lunch, or going out for dinner with my partner…


Which was the perfect excuse to extend my binge well into Sunday.


It wasn't until I reached my 40s that I'd had enough.


I realised how stupid it was to starve myself 4 days a week, then go all out and binge over the weekend.


I felt ashamed of myself because here I was, a successful woman in business, yet I couldn’t seem to get control of my eating.

When I was restricting my food, I was miserable and constantly looking forward to when the diet would end.

So when the diet inevitably ended, I'd hate myself and feel guilty for giving up ‘again’ and going back to my crisp and chocolate binges. 


The harsh reality was I wasn't happy on the diet, and I wasn't happy off the diet either.


It was a diet prison that I kept locking myself into every time Monday rolled around.


This endless cycle went on for over 2 decades.


I’d lose 10lbs, end the diet and regain those same 10lbs as quickly as I lost them.


On the diet, off the diet. 


One extreme to the other.


I felt like I was losing my mind.


Then, one Monday morning, waking up miserable, guilty and bloated after Sunday’s blowout, I stepped on the scales and watched as the numbers crept up.


3lbs back on!


I thought about the week of deprivation now looming over me.

It was at that point, I realised I'd had enough.

A lightbulb went on.


And suddenly, it was clear as crystal.


I thought, “screw it, I can’t live like this any longer!”


I officially gave up dieting.


Once and for all, I stopped following any form of diet.


No calorie counting, counting points or syns, skipping whole meals or avoiding carbs.


I ate all my favourite foods like crisps, bread and potatoes again GUILT FREE!


And you'll never guess what happened:

I lost weight and kept it off for the first time in my life!

I discovered that dieting for weight loss was like trying to open a bottle of wine with a tin opener:


It was the wrong tool for the job!

So when I started using the 'right tools'...

My jeans started getting looser...

My favourite figure-hugging dresses fitted with ease...

And best of all?

I did that without feeling miserable or deprived, counting a single calorie or following any nutrition plan.


At first, when I stopped dieting, I thought I’d pile on the pounds.


But believe it or not, the opposite happened!

It was amazing...


Almost too good to be true...

I thought, surely the weight would go back on again...


But it didn't...

The less I cared about dieting the slimmer (and happier) I got.

That was 7 years ago: I've had my slim, toned figure now for over half a decade!

When a Woman Begins to Suffer from “Sunday Night Syndrome”

You may remember all the hype about keto, intermittent fasting and even flexible dieting when they first came out.

Some women followed these and lost multiple dress sizes in the beginning.

So it’s easy to ‘think’ that dieting works for weight loss.

Which is why you’ve probably tried most diets yourself, but I’m willing to bet that after a few short months you found the numbers slowly creeping up on the scales.

And you couldn’t help but wonder what’s wrong with you…

You might have beaten yourself up, and berated yourself for being such a failure.

But the thing is, to REALLY lose weight with any kind of diet you have to stick to it 100% for the rest of your life.

Some women will lose weight following a diet like keto or intermittent fasting, but there's a problem:

The constant deprivation, fitting this diet in with a social life, and all the tracking of calories and macros can make these approaches almost impossible to follow.

And what about all these "improved" diets like paleo, where you get to eat stacks of meat and nuts and don't have to track anything at all?

Or going vegan, where you can eat ANYTHING as long as it's vegan?

In most cases, there is still the problem of constant cravings, feelings of deprivation, and even feeling half-starved for most of the week. 

And some women actually put on even more weight while following them.


Why is that???

See, these "new and improved" diets are nothing more than restricting your calories.

But when you restrict your food in any way, it causes bingeing, which causes fat gain in the long term!

More Than 277 Scientific Studies Prove That Eating Less Helps You To Lose Weight


So Why Doesn't It Always Work That Way In The "Real World?"

Here's a shocking discovery:

The more you diet, the more you will binge when the diet is over.

There’s a fancy medical term for it, but I like to call it; “Sunday Night Syndrome.”

And it gets even worse…the more years you continue to diet, the smaller the diet binge cycle will get, and the more often you will binge and create even more possibility for fat gain.


If this has happened to you, it’s not your fault.


The dieting industry has been feeding you lies since you were old enough to read!

Almost every woman has been sucked into the dieting industry trap, thanks to years of brainwashing.

And there's another problem with dieting…

Diets only work when you can be 100% in control of the food you're eating.




What about when you have date night with your hubby…

Drinks out after work…


A 50th birthday party to attend…


Christmas…you name it.


Diets don't work in any of these scenarios.

Because no birthday party buffet, Christmas dinner or Wedding Breakfast is going to be low-carb or keto friendly.


And it’s not like you’re going to whip out your scales while your daughter is cutting her wedding cake so you can track your calories in My Fitness Pal!

Diets create the problem I mentioned earlier: "Sunday Night Syndrome." 

It's the 'final meal' you have before the diet starts again on Monday…

And because you don't know how long the latest diet will last, you go all out and eat as much as possible, creating the famous "Sunday Night Syndrome."

The bottom line is this…

Due to their restrictive nature, following any diet long enough to lose tummy fat for good is almost impossible for women over 40.

And when you deprive yourself enough to be able to lose weight, the obsession you get with all the 'forbidden foods' is almost unbearable!

The 2 Most Important Parts of ANY Weight Loss Approach for a Woman over 40

#1: Managing food intake

In order to lose inches off your tummy permanently, it’s not as simple as stopping the diet because you still need a simple system to manage your food intake…


But that doesn’t mean cutting out bread, chocolate, pasta or takeaways…far from it.


Believe it or not, eating these kinds of foods EVERY day is key to losing menopausal tummy fat.


You’ll see why in a moment.


But before I reveal that, I want to share the second vital part of the weight loss process so many other approaches skip…

#2 Self-image transformation

Because once you’ve left the diet prison, and are losing weight consistently every week….

You Need To Overhaul Your Existing Self Image

Not transforming your self-image, is a surefire way to make sure you walk right back into the diet prison and throw away the key!

You end up regaining all the weight you lost!


Not overhauling their self image is the BIGGEST reason why women over 40 can’t lose weight and keep it off for GOOD.

As a result of transforming your self-image...

You could have a slim, toned, flat tummy PERMANENTLY

And that’s only the beginning…


Because a weekend of bingeing is no longer a source of stress, anxiety and worry…

And stepping on the scales Monday morning and seeing those numbers fall becomes a source of joy…

And you look forward to catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in your favourite pair of jeans, without sucking in your tummy.



As potent as managing food intake and self-image transformation is, I’ve never been able to find a system that combines them…

All I’ve found are weight loss approaches like the ones I told you about…

That make you give up chocolate, wine or pizza…

Or have you weigh every crumb that goes in your mouth and log it all in a complicated app…

And then put you in a place where you constantly obsess about food, and dump you right back in the diet prison and throw away the key!


As I’ve shown you on this page, dieting to lose weight isn’t going to help you lose weight for good.


If anything, it’s destroying your self-esteem, your confidence and your mental health.

Every Diet You Fail Makes Weight Loss Even HARDER...

But Now There's The Cameron Method™️

The First ZERO DIET System...That Lives Up To Its Claims Of HUGE Fat Loss Results in Women Over 40

I'm talking about PERMANENT weight loss... not the temporary 5 - 10 lbs loss the old, outdated diets give you.


The Cameron Method™️ helps women over 40 lose an unlimited amount of fat from their tummy, arms thighs and back, without going on a diet.

Here's how it works:

Knowing how good cutting back on food intake is for weight loss, I got my thinking cap on to find a way to help women lose weight, without having to go on a restrictive diet.


What I came up with BLOWS AWAY plain old-fashioned dieting!


I've successfully created a zero diet system to ensure maximum fat burn.


Because to burn the maximum amount of fat from your tummy, thighs, and arms, you need a system that you can use for the rest of your life, not just a few months.


And that means no cutting carbs, skipping meals, counting calories, points, syns or restriction of any form.


But why is that important? 


What role does having zero restriction play in losing weight permanently?


Surely you'd lose ALL control and even gain weight??


NOT true!


Humans are biologically engineered to live in a feast-and-famine cycle.


In other words, we are hard-wired to BINGE when we've been through a period of famine.


This means forcing yourself to go through a famine (or restrictive diet) triggers bingeing and overeating when the diet ends.


So you end up regaining ALL your lost weight and more throughout your life for as long as you use dieting to lose weight.


So ending the diet using a scientifically proven formula will maximise your chances of burning off tummy fat.


You'll drop multiple dress sizes without giving up carbs, going keto or calorie counting, and as a result, your need to binge will be totally eliminated!


In other words, The Cameron Method™️ allows you to easily lose weight while enjoying life without the restriction of having to diet or do hours of exercise to burn off calories.


In fact…

Applying The Cameron Method™️ to Your Health, Fitness, and Confidence
Means You Won't Have to Spend Hours in The Gym Every Week or Count Every Crumb that Goes Into Your Mouth to Lose Weight Permanently

The Cameron Method™️ triggers an effect known as automatic weight loss.


Automatic weight loss is losing fat from your most stubborn areas without trying.


It's like owning a Tesla, popping in your destination and getting there without doing any driving!


Better yet, the longer you apply The Cameron Method™️, the easier weight loss becomes. 


Weight loss happens all by itself when you stop trying so hard to lose weight.


For example, if I tell you: “don’t think about a pink elephant.” Your mind starts thinking about a pink elephant.


Well, your brain works in the same way when it comes to food.


If I say to you; “Don’t eat that Galaxy bar.” All you can think about is eating that Galaxy bar!


So when you learn to stop trying so hard to lose weight, you don’t obsess about chocolate.

If That Were The ONLY Thing, The Cameron Method Did, It Would Still Be A Ground Breaking Weight Loss Method

But I Give a ONE-to-ONE support system to completely OVERHAUL your Self-image

So not only will you step on the scales and watch the numbers fall every week and feel your jeans getting looser…


But you’ll be wearing your dream outfits for the rest of your life…


Making your friends whisper to one another asking…

“What’s her secret?”

And let's not forget, that with me as your coach you get expert support and accountability so you'll never feel alone in your weight loss journey again. 


And that means, no more "starting again on Monday", falling off the wagon every Saturday or thinking the only thing you can shop for is shoes!

But Losing Weight on Your Own Could be a Rookie Mistake

For example, a recent study has found that weight loss programs like Weight Watchers, Keto and Slimming World that don’t provide accountability commonly achieve a weight loss of 6 - 10 lbs within 3 to 6 months.


Whereas programs that provide 1:1 support often produce a weight loss of 16 - 20 lbs in the same time frame.


So doing it on your own means slow progress or no progress at all.


So if you want to GUARANTEE your success and have your own personal coach in your corner, then…

Here's what the The Cameron Method™️ can do for you...

✅ Women report 15, 20... and even 28lbs fat loss in just six to twelve weeks with The Cameron Method™️.


✅ Busy executive women over 40 are using The Cameron Method™️ to drop dress sizes, ending the misery of failing on yet another diet.


✅ The Cameron Method’s™️ proprietary formula won't take time out of your busy week or impact your social life because you won't have to wake up early to go to the gym or mess around with a fiddly meal plan or diet.


✅ The unique formula I use is proven by scientific research; losing weight and keeping it off for life is 98% more likely.


✅ Executive women over 40 using The Cameron Method™️ are experiencing DRASTIC losses in tummy fat... in record time.


✅ The Cameron Method™️ supports increased energy with a low maintenance plan. You'll jump out of bed in the morning with energy and focus like never before without the "afternoon slump".


✅ It boosts self-worth, one of the MOST critical psychological processes for losing tummy fat for life.


✅ You'll experience increased feelings of fullness. The Cameron Method™️ will help you to stay fuller for longer, meaning you stay satisfied for hours after every meal. You'll actually feel your tummy getting full after each thing you eat.


✅ You'll notice your confidence levels SOAR so you can become a power player in your industry while feeling as good as you look.


✅ You'll turbo charge your self-worth and stamp out the need to keep people pleasing so you can have more energy and focus and earn your top salary, ensuring you get a return on your investment.


✅ It ensures you lose fat from your most stubborn areas like your tummy, arms and thighs so you can reignite the passion in your intimate relationship.

Here's What The Cameron Method Can Do For You…

✅ No hunger.


✅ No having to give up alcohol.


✅ No cravings.


✅ No taxing your willpower.


✅ No relying on motivation.


✅ No missing out on birthdays, weddings, date nights, Sunday brunch or Christmas treats.


✅ No constant envy while hubby tucks into his favourite takeaway every Friday.


✅ No mumbo jumbo.

And even better than that...NO rebound weight gain!!!

My clients are reporting the benefits from The Cameron Method™️ are much better and FASTER than old-fashioned restrictive diets and without all the nasty mental and physical side effects while they keep the weight off for life!

How it works:

✅ You’ll attend one online one-to-one session per week, with me as your coach.


✅ I’ll coach you to utilise the 5 core pillars of the Cameron Method™️ throughout a 12-week online coaching programme.


✅ We’ll work together to build a custom-made plan incorporating the 5 pillars of The Cameron Method™️ that fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle.


✅ The Cameron Method™️ is best suited to busy executive women over 40 with a busy lifestyle because it is very quick & simple to use.


Since this is a complete lifestyle system, you'll use it for the rest of your life without the worry of putting ANY weight back on!


So if you want to apply to become a client, click the green button below.

I'm So Convinced You're Going To Love How You Feel In Your Everyday Clothes Using The Cameron Method™️ I'm Giving You An Almost Unheard of Guarantee!

Here's the deal…


My clients typically lose a minimum of 14 lbs in 12 weeks using The Cameron Method™️


But for a limited time, you can get my rock solid 'arm around your shoulder' weight loss guarantee, so if you don't lose a minimum of 14 lbs at the end of our 12 weeks, I'll work with you for FREE until you DO!


Why am I giving you such a generous offer?


Because I want you to have FULL security in your decision to work with me to prove to yourself that The Cameron Method™️ is everything I've promised.


I can offer such a no-risk guarantee because women who've followed The Cameron Method's principles every week are experiencing results that almost defy belief.

Here's What Happened When Norma MacBeth Accessed The Cameron Method™️

"The Cameron Method™️ is the best thing I've EVER done.


I was lost. My life and my job just weren't making me happy. I was sad, stressed and exhausted.


I now feel as though I have the tools and skills to face whatever life throws at me.


If you need help - ask a professional.


And if you want a professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to work with, then speak to Rhoda.

Here's What Happened When RM from The Highlands Accessed The Cameron Method™️
"I wore shorts on holiday for the first time since 1987!!"

"Rhoda's coaching has changed my life.


My self-confidence was at an all-time low and my people pleasing levels were off the scale. My health and well being was rock bottom. I had no energy and I was plodding through life.


I have lost 2 stone and 8 lbs in total and I'm now less than a stone away from my target weight.


I want to thank Rhoda so much for her understanding, kindness and wisdom. She was born to coach!"

I challenge you to tell me that The Cameron Method™️ hasn't changed your life!

It's easy to apply for a place...

Click the green button below, fill out the 2-minute application form and select your call time.


Your 60-minute complimentary coaching session is your golden opportunity to map out a plan with me to get to your dream health and shape, WITHOUT ever going on another diet.

But you've got to hurry… I only have 3 places available this month, and with this limited 14 lbs off minimum guarantee, slots are going like hotcakes.

I Can Only Extend A Place to You for As Long As One Is Available

You must act NOW to take advantage of this limited "minimum 14 lbs off" guarantee. If you delay even one day… you'll probably be too late and miss out on leaving the diet prison for GOOD.

And don't forget... if you apply now, you'll get FREE membership into my VIP Customer Club - usually reserved only for my mastery clients.


Tap the button below to fill out your 2-minute application to lose 14lbs guaranteed and take advantage of my VIP Customer Club Special.


As soon as you do that, if your application is successful, you'll receive your booking confirmation from me with the details of your upcoming call.


During that 60-minute call, I'll show you exactly how The Cameron Method can help you drop at least 14lbs as quickly as possible without ever going on a diet again.


But remember, 14 lbs is the BARE MINIMUM you'd expect to lose in 12 weeks...I've had clients lose as much as 29lbs!



Rhoda Cameron

You're Only Seconds Away From Stacks of Happy Women over 40 Who Are Using The Cameron Method And Getting Amazing Results…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will The Cameron Method™️ work for me?

Absolutely. The Cameron Method™️ has helped so many different women lose 10, 15, even 20+ pounds in just 12 weeks.


Women in their 40s, 50s and beyond who'd been dieting since their teens, and were still 30 pounds overweight have seen a 20 lbs loss in less than 12 weeks.


Busy execs who had NO time to exercise have dropped 2, even 3 whole dress sizes.

2. What kind of results can I expect using The Cameron Method™?️

First and foremost, you'll drop 1 - 2 dress sizes in 90 days WITHOUT going on a diet or even going to the gym. 


Most of my clients also:


✅ Increase their energy levels by 40-50% so they can easily work through the 3 pm slump and become the envied colleague at work, while everyone else is nodding off at their desk.


✅ Have bulletproof confidence to wear that Karen Millen Dress, or those slim fitting jeans when they head out for date night with their partner and turn heads all the way through the restaurant, instead of hiding under a baggy jumper.


✅ Put an end to the food purgatory for GOOD so they can go out with their friends for pizza, pasta and prosecco without the constant guilt and worry of about losing your progress or beating yourself up for days on end afterward.

3. What are the terms of the guarantee again?

I’m so confident that you’ll lose a MINIMUM of 14 lbs using The Cameron Method™️, that if you don’t I’ll continue working with you until do.


But let me be clear: 


14 lbs weight loss is the bare minimum you can expect to lose using The Cameron Method™️, most of my clients lose 20, 24 even 28 lbs working with me (and keep it off for life)

4. How do I access the Cameron Method?

I’ve made the process simple…


When you complete your application, you’ll get an immediate email from me confirming your one-on-one complimentary session.


In that session, we’ll go over your application and if I think you’ll be a good candidate to use The Cameron Method™️ and I can make sure you get everything I’ve promised you on this page, then we start working together right away in our following online coaching sessions.

5. Is there a special diet or complicated plan I must follow?

Definitely not.


As I’ve shown you in this letter, dieting is a surefire way to make sure the door to the diet prison stays firmly closed!


So you won't have to follow any special diet or meal plan. 


I will work with you to ensure that you're eating your favourite foods every day and watching those inches drop off your tummy because you'll have access to my 50/50 Method™️.


The 50 / 50 Method™️ allows you to eat all your favourite foods every day without counting calories or wasting time weighing everything.

6. Will this fit in with family meal times?

It sure will.


Because this plan is tailor-made to you and your goals, it can be made to fit in with any family occasion. 


You won't need to eat differently from your family and that means, you can enjoy family meals without feeling like the odd one out all the time, wishing you were tucking into that bowl of carbonara.

7. What about special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas and New Year?

Most of my clients start the New Year in the best shape of their lives.


That’s because they’ve finally stopped dieting.


Many women who diet usually find themselves completely out of control on occasions like Christmas.


That’s because special occasions like Christmas put ‘last supper syndrome’ on STEROIDS.


And if you recall, last supper syndrome is that final meal, where you go all out and binge on your favourite forbidden foods before the diet starts again tomorrow.


But using the Cameron Method puts an end to ‘last supper syndrome’ once and for all.

8. Can I drink alcohol?



But I'm not saying you can get drunk every day and lose weight!


Likewise, I do think people lose weight faster when they don't drink every single day.


But there's no reason why you can't have a few glasses of wine, or whatever else you fancy every week.


Cause the golden rule of losing weight is:


Burning off more than you consume.


As long as you use the 50 / 50 Method™️ then it’s easy to lose your tummy, and feel your blouses getting looser while still drinking wine, prosecco and gin.

9. Will I have to go to the gym? Or do any special exercise?

Not if you don't want to.


When using The Cameron Method™️, you only do the movement you love. 


Suppose you don't love going to the gym or exercising?


In that case, I won't ask you to exercise because you can just as quickly lose weight without doing any exercise at all, simply because the most significant difference can be made with your food.


Because weight loss comes down to simple science: calories in VS calories out.


As long as you’re burning off more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight, which means you don’t have to exercise to lose weight.


You can just focus on eating your favourite foods in the right amounts instead using my 50 / 50 Method™️.

10. What happens if I go on holiday?

Your plan is tailor-made and will work in ANY situation, which means on holiday…


…even on all-inclusive holidays when you're surrounded by food, drinks and alcohol so you can go away to Dubai, spend a week in Marbella or even head off to New York and still lose a minimum of 14 lbs.

11. I work long hours; will this work for me?

Most definitely. 


I specialise in working with ladies who work 40 hours a week or more, so my 1:1 work is ideal for the stressed-out, hard-working woman.


The coaching part of The Cameron Method™️ will take up to 60 minutes each week.


The additional work you'd need to do outside our sessions depends on your goals. 


Still, because we build this plan out together, there will never be anything in your plan that you don't have time for.


So for the first time in your life, you’ll have a weight loss plan that you CAN’T fail. 


Not only will you be wearing those slinky dresses again, but 5, 10, or even 15 years from now, you’ll still be able to wear those size 10 jeans, or lacey underwear for your partner.

12. I've got an injury. Can I still lose 1, 2 even 3 dress sizes?

Yes, because it isn't required that you go to the gym or even do any exercise to see results whilst using The Cameron Method™️


80% of your results will be derived from changing your food and your psychology.


So that means, unlike other weight loss plans that have you training in the gym or doing high impact HIIT workouts, you’ll still lose weight, regardless of any injury you have or athletic ability.


So you won’t need to worry about any problems with your back, knees or hips!

13. What happens if I don't lose any weight?

If you're willing to be coachable, attend your online coaching calls, and put in a little work, then I guarantee you’ll lose a minimum of 14lbs, and if you don’t, I’ll keep working with you until you do.


The good news is - all the work we do is actually designed to make your life nicer, rather than be a chore. 


This is not about restrictions and misery (remember - no gym, no counting calories, no off limit foods!)  - this is to make your life happier and healthier!


So the final question is?

"Do you truly want to drop 1 - 2 dress sizes and leave the diet prison FOR GOOD?”


Here's What Happened When Mrs B Accessed The Cameron Method™️

"I've struggled with my weight for 20+ years. I've tried every diet, yo-yoing from a size 10 to a 24, never finding anything that worked long term.


I eventually gave up on diets and resigned myself to being a 'fat person'.


Rhoda taught me how to be kind and accepting of myself, instead of beating myself up constantly, and change so many aspects of my life that I was struggling with - even how to improve my marriage.


A happy side effect has been consistent weight loss that I have never experienced before on any of the fad diets I've done in the past, and being able to get off medication I had been told I would be on forever.


Rhoda really does do exactly what she says on the tin.


Working with Rhoda has been truly life changing!"

Here's What Happened When RD from London Accessed The Cameron Method™️

"I contacted Rhoda looking for help to lose weight where all other methods had failed. To say this was the best decision I've ever made is not an exaggeration.


Not only have I lost 15lbs, I've also gained so much more. I've got myself back. I no longer focus on weight and it no longer defines me. My mental health and happiness have improved greatly and my husband says I'm nicer to be around."

Here's What Happened When JA from Cheshire Accessed The Cameron Method™️

"Rhoda’s programme has been so effective in helping me break through some of my old beliefs about diet, health and eating.


Thank you so much for your support and guidance, the results have been so positive after years of getting on and off the diet wagon. Not only have I lost weight but I’ve gained new beliefs and habits which are now part of who I am."

Here's What Happened When Emma S Accessed The Cameron Method™️

"I have never been successful with dieting, found them too restrictive and calorie counting was a real chore.


I would lose weight and put it back on again, plus some!


With my new mindset I know that if I do have a bad day I can just get right back to it the next day.


The programme has helped me lose 2 stone so far. It has also given me the confidence to stop smoking with no weight gain. I feel I'm on my way to a new healthier me in every aspect of my life. I can't recommend Rhoda enough."

Here's What Happened When Sue R from Inverness Lost nearly 24lbs with The Cameron Method™️

"Before meeting Rhoda, I was at least 2 stone overweight. I work full time & am totally confident in my work life, but have become increasingly reserved in my social life.


I have tried Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers & many other diets with no lasting results whatsoever. Rhoda’s solution is simple - she breaks the cycle & encourages you to believe in yourself again & once this happens my goodness does she gets results!


After 12 weeks, I am amazed at the transformation losing nearly 2 stone has made to my social confidence & my life. Rhoda’s program has made me believe in myself again."

The Cameron Method (™️) 2023

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